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Summer NAMM 2014: Hogjim Pik Tik Guitar Pick Holder


One of the interesting new products I saw at Summer NAMM this past week was a product by Hogjim called the Pik Tik:

Hogjim’s Pik Tik is a patented pick holder that allows a guitarist to seamlessly transition between fingerpicking and strumming.   The Pik Tik adheres to the guitar pick guard by suction, allowing a pick to be held perpendicular to the guitar’s surface.  Whether you insert the pick one millimeter or the full five millimeters, it will remain secure.  The Pik Tik can be removed after playing or remain on the guitar as a pick holder; either way it will not damage the surface.

With the ability to improve a guitarist’s skill set, the Pik Tik is both practical and functional.  It offers a quick and easy way to master the technique of transitioning from finger-style to flat-picking. This skill, which previously took years to master, can now be learned in a matter of days.

It’s an interesting concept that could prove to be very useful to players who frequently change between fingerpicking and playing with a pick. The device easily suctions onto a guitar’s pick guard and provides a place to put your pick when you want to play finger style.

The Pik Tik is normally $9.99, but they’re offering a NAMM show discount of 20% using the code NAMM2014 if you purchase directly from Hogjim.

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Summer NAMM 2014 Music Industry Day

Summer NAMM 2014 is just a few months away and is going to run from July 17-July 19. They are once again opening the show to everyone on Music Industry Day, July 19.

Music Industry Day offers musicians, pro-audio and staging professionals and music lovers access to the exclusive NAMM Show in Nashville. Try out next generation gear from hundreds of the biggest brand names in music. Meet the artists and engineers designing the equipment of the future. Network with music industry professionals. Attend workshops designed to further music and sound careers. Panels include How to Grow Your Internet Presence, a Live Songwriting Session and 10 Keys to Marketing Success for Musicians, and more live performances include musician and actor Jonathan Jackson, who will perform at the NAMM Acoustic Nation Stage at 1PM.

Admission to the show is $10 in advance and $20 on the day of the show. While not nearly as large as the Winter NAMM show, I look forward to the Summer NAMM show every year. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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Anthony Stauffer’s NAMM Recap

Speaking of NAMM, Anthony Stauffer actually went to the show and has posted a recap of the interesting things he saw there. Even though I’m lucky enough to live in a city with a thriving music industry, I’ll echo Anthony’s sentiment here:

At dinner, someone asked me “Why do you come to these shows?” My answer was simple.

Where I live, there is virtually no music industry. Nobody ‘in the industry’ comes to State College, PA. There’s nothing happening here. If I don’t come to shows like NAMM, I never get to talk, in person, with anyone who understands what it’s like to serve an international audience of guitar players.

The people at these shows are my people, and being around them inspires me do better work for all of you.

While I’d love to write about guitars full time, my day job is outside of the music industry, so it’s really fun to go to shows like NAMM to meet and speak with other people who are passionate about the same things I am.

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NAMM 2014: Hiwatt Custom Shop Little Rigs

Hiwatt has introduced three new amps in a new series they’re calling the Custom Shop Little Rigs. There are three amps in the series right now: the Little P Rig, the Little D Rig, and the Little J Rig.

Hiwatt Signature Series Little P Rig

The Hiwatt Little P rig is based on the original CP103 amplifier used by Pete Townshend of The Who. This was the tone that sparked a new generation of guitar players in the early 1970s. The Hiwatt Little P rig comes complete with a scaled down 1×12 fane loaded cabinet and is perfect for home, studio and live use.

• 4 input
• Class A
• 20/0.5W Switchable
• EL84 + ECC83 Valve Configuration
• Hiwatt Fane 1×12 Cabinet

Hiwatt Signature Series Little D Rig

The Hiwatt Little D rig is based on the amplifier modified my Pete Cornish for David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. The Little D featured 3 inputs, normal, brilliant and linked. The linked input allowing users to blend the tone of the normal and brilliant channels. The Hiwatt Little D rig comes complete with a scaled down 1×12 fane loaded Starfinder cabinet and is perfect for home, studio and live use.

• 3 inputs Normal, Brilliant and Linked
• Class A
• 20/0.5W Switchable
• EL84 + ECC83 Valve Configuration
• Starfinder Fane 1×12 Cabinet

Hiwatt Signature Series Little J Rig

The Hiwatt Little J rig is based on the original SAP head made for Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. The Little J features a unique circuit at which offered a more driven tone than a standard Hiwatt Custom Amp. The amplifier also has a unique, foot switchable cut circuit. The Hiwatt Little D rig comes complete with a scaled down 1×12 fane loaded Starfinder cabinet and is perfect for home, studio and live use.

• 2 inputs Normal and Brilliant
• Class A
• 20/0.5W Switchable
• EL84 + ECC83 Valve Configuration
• Hiwatt Fane 1×12 Cabinet

I’d be hard-pressed to pick between the Little D and Little J Rigs.



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NAMM 2014: Planet Waves Guitar Dock

D’Addario/Planet Waves have introduced an interesting new product called the Guitar Dock:

Built with safety and convenience in mind, featuring an adjustable clamp, Planet Waves’ Guitar Dock is a portable, leg-free, lock-on guitar stand that turns any flat surface with an edge into a safe place to set your prized guitar. By utilizing a 360 degree rotatable neck cradle, it allows mounting at any angle, while the durable overmold protects the instrument and mounting surface.

“The Guitar Dock eliminates hassle and worry,” beams Rob Cunningham, Planet Waves Product Manager. “It’s perfect for instances where a conventional stand is not available or convenient.”

The Guitar Dock is available now and retails for $43.85.

With the Guitar Dock’s lightweight, compact, and portable capability, D’Addario continues to inspire creativity and innovate performance.

For more information, please visit

When I’m working at home, I like having a guitar within arms reach of my desk, and this looks like it’d be a great solution for that application.




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NAMM 2014: New Martin Models

Speaking of Martin, they have announced all of the newest 2014 models on their website. A few that stuck out to me are the CS-00S-14, the SS-000S-14, and the 000-28K Authentic 1921. Like I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for a slot head. None of these are very cheap, but they sure do look nice!





000-28K Authentic 1921


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NAMM 2014: Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature Acoustic

For fans of Rush, PRS and Alex Lifeson have teamed up to create the Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature acoustic guitar:

“During the 2013 Rush Clockwork Angels Tour, I had the opportunity to spend some time with a PRS Angelus Cutaway. It quickly became my pre-show warm up guitar, and I spent many hours in many hotel rooms lost in the gorgeous sound and tone of that beautiful instrument. I’m very happy to announce that I have collaborated with PRS to develop an Alex Lifeson Signature model based on this superlative platform. If you’re like me, you won’t be able to put it down,” Alex Lifeson.

While the craftsmanship and attention to detail are very consistent with other PRS Private Stock acoustics, this instrument embodies some new design elements that take the instrument in a unique direction. The Alex Lifeson signature PRS acoustic is slightly thinner than the company’s Angelus Cutaway and Tonare Grand and is constructed in such a way that it lends itself to louder stage volumes and the rigors of the road. The Alex Lifeson signature acoustic features a bearclaw spruce top and koa back and sides with a mahogany neck and ebony bridge, fretboard, and headstock veneer. It is adorned with Mother of Pearl and Paua “Birds in Flight” inlays and Paua purfling along the top, fretboard, and headstock veneer.


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NAMM 2014: Suhr 2014 Collection

Suhr Guitars have unveiled their 2014 collection of guitars, and the theme of the guitars is “Design Inspired by Nature”. I’ve never owned or played a Suhr, but I’ve always heard great things about their guitars. The Classic T shown below looks exceptionally nice!




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NAMM 2014: Reverend Reeves Gabrels Spacehawk


Reeves Gabrels and Reverend Guitars have teamed up again to create the Reverend Reeves Gabrels Spacehawk signature guitar:

The second signature Reverend from The Cure guitarist Reeves Gabrels (formerly with David Bowie, Tin Machine) takes semi-hollow design to another level. The highly resonant body coupled with the revolutionary Railhammer Chisel pickups make for a versatile and uniquely responsive guitar that handles everything from woody clean to high gain mean. Unique features include: forearm contour, sealed body for controlled feedback, on-off toggle switch, custom soft-touch tremolo spring, and push-pull phase switch (in the tone control) to push the sonic boundaries. Finally, an innovative semi-hollow for cutting edge players!

I really like how Reverend keeps coming up with interesting new models, and the new Spacehawk looks pretty interesting indeed.

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NAMM 2014: Martin OM-ECHF Navy Blues


Martin is releasing a new Eric Clapton signature guitar called the OM-ECHF Navy Blues:

The OM-ECHF Navy Blues is the third in a series of collaborations with Eric Clapton and Hiroshi Fujiwara. This OM edition incorporates the longer 25.4″ scale for added string tension and tonal projection. The neck and body are lacquered and polished with a striking dark navy coloration combined with East Indian rosewood back and sides and a European spruce soundboard.

That blue looks really nice.

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