Hello, and welcome to Guitar Lifestyle! My name is Josh Evitt, and I thank you for visiting this site. I am a guitar player based in Music City, USA, which you might also know as Nashville, TN.

This site began life in early 2005 as a celebration of the guitar, its history and its players. My main goals with Guitar Lifestyle are to celebrate the guitar, educate new guitarists, and inspire other guitarists.

I started playing guitar over 20 years ago, eventually studying classical guitar for several years in college. I’ve taken breaks from playing off and on through the years, but my love of the guitar has never wavered. Even after all those years, I learn new things all the time, which is why I love the guitar so much. It’s always a challenge, but it’s also always rewarding.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Guitar Lifestyle. If you have questions or comments about the site, want to inquire about advertising opportunities, or have a guitar-related product or service you’d like for me to review, please feel free to get in touch.

– Josh