A Guitar Collecting Tip from Joe Bonamassa

Few guitarists have the knowledge and experience collecting guitars as Joe Bonamassa. Having grown up the son of a guitar dealer and now a world-class collector himself, there's little Bonamassa doesn't know about guitars. Furthermore, few of us will ever have the opportunity to play, much less own, even a small percentage of the guitars that Bonamassa regularly gigs with. … [Read more...]

Heritage Guitars Sold to New Owners

Last month, Heritage Guitars announced that they had been sold to new owners: "The new ownership group is led by private local investors who have a long track record of revitalizing buildings and businesses in the Kalamazoo area," said a news release by Kyle Sobko, marketing director for Heritage Guitar Inc. The ownership group is not named in the release. I'm a fan of … [Read more...]

Cassettes are Back?

I grew up in the 80s and 90s, so cassettes were a large part of my early musical life. The first album I ever bought was on cassette (Michael Jackson's Thriller, natch). I had a cassette player hooked up next to my bed, and I listened to cassettes every night. Even though I loved the cassettes that I owned, I was very glad to see cassettes go away as CDs became the dominant … [Read more...]

The Ukulele As an Educational Tool


Ed. note: This is the first in a series of posts by Guitar Lifestyle contributor Russ about the ukulele and its growing popularity among musicians and educators.  Photo credit: Zachary Sumners via Flickr Creative Commons Aloha! Since this is my first editorial article for Guitar Lifestyle, I figured it would be best if I introduced myself and explained why I'm … [Read more...]

Wilson Center Guitar Competition & Festival

This looks like an interesting guitar competition and festival being held this Fall in the Milwaukee area: The Wilson Center Guitar Competition & Festival is an annual, multi-genre competition which features four different categories—Rock/Blues, Fingerstyle, Jazz, and Classical. Four competitions, one festival. Contestants compete for $22,000 in prize money! The … [Read more...]