The Ukulele As an Educational Tool


Ed. note: This is the first in a series of posts by Guitar Lifestyle contributor Russ about the ukulele and its growing popularity among musicians and educators.  Photo credit: Zachary Sumners via Flickr Creative Commons Aloha! Since this is my first editorial article for Guitar Lifestyle, I figured it would be best if I introduced myself and explained why I'm … [Read more...]

Fewer Guitars

Perhaps it's heresy to speak about reducing the number of guitars you own on a guitar-focused blog, but this year I've been very deliberate about reducing the number of guitars in my collection. While there has been a tinge of regret with selling a few of them, I've been happy about my decision to sell them off. I started the year with 11 guitars, most of which I've … [Read more...]

Chuck Klosterman on the Metallica Lou Reed Collaboration

Music writer Chuck Klosterman, in an article for pop culture website about Metallica and Reed's upcoming Lulu album: ...on a personal level, I'm glad Metallica and Reed tried this, if only because I'm always a fan of bad ideas. The whole article is pretty entertaining and is definitely an interesting take on the collaboration. Click here to read the full … [Read more...]

The First Gig

"What the hell am I doing?" I thought as I looked down at the bass. I didn't even own a bass, yet here I was in front of an audience about to play the bass in my first paying gig. How this happened is, in my opinion, a fairly interesting story. A week earlier, my friend's band had a falling out with their singer and bass player. Like many singers, this one had come down with … [Read more...]