Review: Mesa Boogie AmpliTube Expansion

Ed. note: This article was written by Guitar Lifestyle contributor Russ. You can read more of his contributions here, and you can follow him on Twitter here. Aloha! Usually I talk about the ukulele, but today I wanted to talk about the 1990s. It was a great decade that featured a roller coaster of popular music ranging from glam rock up and down through the rise of … [Read more...]

Strymon Power Supplies: Zuma and Ojai


Strymon make a very popular line of effects, such as the TimeLine, the Mobius, and the Big Sky, among others. These are beautifully designed and well-thought-out effects pedals. They are digital and are considered to have some of the best algorithms in the market. However, to run the DSPs that run the algorithms, Strymon pedals generally require a lot of current. For … [Read more...]

Original Fuzz Guitar Straps

jay farrar

I met Lee, one of the founders of Original Fuzz, at last year's Summer NAMM show. I was walking around the edge of the show looking at all of the accessory manufacturers, and the Original Fuzz straps really stood out to me with their interesting patterns. When I asked Lee about the straps, I learned that they use hand-woven material responsibly sourced from India and Peru. … [Read more...]

Summer NAMM 2014: Hogjim Pik Tik Guitar Pick Holder


One of the interesting new products I saw at Summer NAMM this past week was a product by Hogjim called the Pik Tik: Hogjim’s Pik Tik is a patented pick holder that allows a guitarist to seamlessly transition between fingerpicking and strumming.   The Pik Tik adheres to the guitar pick guard by suction, allowing a pick to be held perpendicular to the guitar’s surface.  … [Read more...]

NAMM 2014: Planet Waves Guitar Dock


D'Addario/Planet Waves have introduced an interesting new product called the Guitar Dock: Built with safety and convenience in mind, featuring an adjustable clamp, Planet Waves’ Guitar Dock is a portable, leg-free, lock-on guitar stand that turns any flat surface with an edge into a safe place to set your prized guitar. By utilizing a 360 degree rotatable neck cradle, it … [Read more...]