Guitar Trivia Contest – Win a Free Shirt!

I thought it might be fun to have a guitar trivia contest and give away a Guitar Lifestyle t-shirt! The rules are simple: correctly identify the guitarist by commenting on this post and you will be entered to win the shirt! I'll randomly pick a winner from the list of people who have correctly answered the trivia question. It's that easy! Now, on to the trivia … [Read more...]

Guitar Lifestyle T-Shirts!

I love t-shirts. I feel like a good t-shirt sets the tone for the day. If I'm in a guitar mood, I'll put on a guitar-related t-shirt, and the shirt will help keep me focused on the guitar throughout the day, even if I'm not around my guitar. It's also a great conversation starter; it lets people know that you're a guitar player. And, one of the things that I've wanted to do … [Read more...]