Ukulele Courseware

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Ed. note: This is the third in a series of posts by Guitar Lifestyle contributor Russ about the ukulele and its growing popularity among musicians and educators. See the first post, The Ukulele as an Educational Tool, and the second post, Review: The Ukulele Site. Aloha! Today we'll be talking about homeschooling and the courseware I chose to teach my kids music and the … [Read more...]

Learning Guitar Now – All Access Pass

John Tuggle, founder and teacher at Learning Guitar Now, has a number of really good blues guitar lessons on his site. In particular, he has some great slide guitar lessons as well as Allman Brothers-style lessons. Up until recently, the only way to get John's premium lessons was to purchase a download or a DVD of the lesson. However, John has recently added an All Access … [Read more...]

Daniel Donato: The New Master of the Telecaster: Pathways to Dynamic Solos


The joke here in Nashville is that there are more guitar players per capita than any other city. It may actually be true, but, regardless, the fact is there are tons of great guitar players here. That's why it's really interesting when a newcomer gets noticed, as Daniel Donato has over the past couple of years. Donato is currently guitarist for the Don Kelley Band, which has … [Read more...]

Anthony Stauffer and TrueFire: 50 Monster SRV Guitar Licks You Must Know

Anthony Stauffer of Texas Blues Alley has recently created a course for TrueFire called 50 Monster SRV Guitar Licks You Must Know. Learning SRV ’s licks note-for-note will only get you halfway there, but understanding the underlying harmonic approaches and technical construction of those licks will take you all the way home. And that’s precisely how Anthony Stauffer … [Read more...]

David Grissom TrueFire Course and A1 Blues Interview

TrueFire has released a new course featuring one of my favorite guitarists, David Grissom. The course is titled Open Road Guitar and features 60 videos and 222 minutes of content. From the description: David organized Open Road Guitar into two sections. In the first section, he presents the 25 key concepts and techniques that comprise his signature style: Hand Position, … [Read more...]