Epiphone Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Inspired by “1939” Century Amp


Epiphone is introducing some new products at this year's Musikmesse show, and one of the more interesting announcements is the Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Inspired by "1939" Century Amp: The Ltd. Edition 75th Anniversary Inspired by “1939” Century Amp revives an Art Deco era masterpiece from Epiphone’s early days in Manhattan. The amp is a faithful replica of a classic … [Read more...]

NAMM 2014: Hiwatt Custom Shop Little Rigs


Hiwatt has introduced three new amps in a new series they're calling the Custom Shop Little Rigs. There are three amps in the series right now: the Little P Rig, the Little D Rig, and the Little J Rig. Hiwatt Signature Series Little P Rig The Hiwatt Little P rig is based on the original CP103 amplifier used by Pete Townshend of The Who. This was the tone that sparked a … [Read more...]

NAMM 2014: Suhr PT-100 Signature Edition Amplifier


Suhr and Peter Thorn have been working together for a number of years, and one of the main things they've been working on is a new limited edition signature amp for Thorn called the Suhr PT-100 Signature Edition: The Suhr PT-100 Signature Edition set features a 100 watt, three-channel tube amplifier head loaded with a custom “Plexi-style” output transformer, four EL-34 power … [Read more...]

NAMM 2014: Ibanez TSA5TVR Tube Screamer Guitar Combo Amplifier


I really dig the look of the new Ibanez TSA5TVR amp. It's part of their Tube Screamer amp line, which includes a built-in Tube Screamer pedal in the amp. For over 30 years the Ibanez Tube Screamer has been one of the most popular overdrive pedals in the world: a perennial favorite, famous for its warm, creamy tone and unequivocal responsiveness. Now the iconic pedal has found … [Read more...]

NAMM 2014: PRS David Grissom Custom 30 and Custom 50


David Grissom and Paul Reed Smith have worked together for several decades, so it's fitting that David now has his own signature PRS amplifiers: the DG Custom 30 and the DG Custom 50: "The DG Custom amps are the culmination of a three year collaboration between myself and Doug Sewell. We set out to create two distinct amps – a 30 watt and a 50 watt – that would rival the … [Read more...]