Photo Friday: Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page is one of my favorite guitarists. There are a lot of iconic pictures of Page that have been made over the years, but I like this one because it puts the focus on his Les Paul:

Photo credit: This photo was apparently taken in Detroit in 1975. I’ve been unable to determine who took the picture. If you know, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update this post.


  1. Ed Pauley says

    I had the opportunity to meet Jimmy Page backstage years ago during the Led Zeppelin III tour. He was a nice guy that truly cared about Zeppelin’s fans. Page was actually interested in what I (a mere teen) thought about the show. And yes, that’s a cool shot of his Les Paul.

  2. Ed Pauley says

    The show opened with Dazed and Confused and Since I’ve been Loving You. Zeppelin’s performance was so powerful, it was a life altering experience for me.

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