1. Trundrumbalind says

    Josh – there is an interview with legendary photographer W.A. Williams from where he talks about his work with famous legendary guitarists including Stevie Ray Vaughan from behind the camera.

    However what I highly recommend is seeing the documentary ‘Rock Prophecies’ which came out on DVD this year, which is about the life and career of photographer Robert M. Knight.
    Robert has photographed many legendary guitarists and talks about his relationship with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin (when they were first starting out), Jeff Beck and others. Please do not miss seeing this documentary.

  2. says

    Stevie Ray Vaughan is the man! I hope some good blues comparable to his will come to Park City this winter, maybe during the Sundance Film Festival!

  3. Kori says

    Hello Josh,
    My dad William A. Williams took this photograph “The Last Call”, and it truely says a lot, without even having to say anything at all. I just happened to find your site, and I really liked your comment on the photo. My dad just had a stroke, about three weeks ago, and he’s paralyzed on his right side, so it was really touching to see that this photograph has had an impact on you, like my dad has had on me in my life. I met Stevie along with many other musicians, when I was younger and I didn’t realize how amazing it was until I was older. It’s funny because I have to show my friends, pictures of me with Stevie for them to believe me. My dad may not have had a documentary written about his life, yet. But within his one life, he has had amazing experiences, and opportunities, that could fill many lifetimes, and yet he’s in the position that he’s in now, but on his way to recovering, and photographing once again.
    Take care,

  4. antonio alves lima says

    I bought the print number 6 of the 50 existing ones, during a walk by a small galery located at lexington Av and 29th street at the year of 1996.
    I remeber rushing to the place i rented at Lex. Av, to call my dad i ask, beg him if needed, to send me the money to purchase it.
    I graduated from graphic design at Praat Institute NY, came back to my country (Brasil) with the picture as a graduation gift.
    It is one of my precious belongings.
    I hpe the best for you and your dad

    Antonio A. L. Vidigal

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