Epiphone Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Inspired by “1939” Century Amp

Epiphone is introducing some new products at this year’s Musikmesse show, and one of the more interesting announcements is the Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Inspired by “1939” Century Amp:

The Ltd. Edition 75th Anniversary Inspired by “1939” Century Amp revives an Art Deco era masterpiece from Epiphone’s early days in Manhattan. The amp is a faithful replica of a classic 1930s era cabinet design including bent rims, an all-metal handle, 6-point star screws, and vintage style grill cloth.  The redesigned 18 watt electronics include two 6V6 and two 12AX7 tubes, a 12” speaker, a Master Volume with pull “boost” mode, Master tone, Bright, Normal, and Dark inputs, an Extension Speaker Output, Footswitch Jack, and Internal Bias Adjustment.  The Inspired by “1939” Century Amp is the kind of amp all guitarists have been waiting for, capable of filling a club or a recording studio.



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    WOW!! How cool is that! I love the look of it and I betcha it sounds as awesome as it looks. I like the act that they kept the “bent” rims in as part of the overall design! I’m curious if this amp will be distributed all over the place or just select market areas. Guess I’ll fund out once it’s released.

    Thanks Josh and take care.


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