Why I Paid $37,000 for One Record

I can’t imagine paying even just a few hundred dollars for a vinyl record, but John Tefteller recently paid much more. $37,000 to be exact. For one record: Tommy Johnson’s “Alcohol and Jake Blues”. Fuse.tv recently had a Q&A with Tefteller asking him about the purchase.

One night, as he does every night, Tefteller was trawling eBay when he came across the record from a seller in South Carolina. The anonymous seller found the record at an estate sale years ago, and posted it on eBay with no knowledge of the record’s true value. The record was set to sell at $16,800 when, minutes before the auction ended, it shot up to $37,000. Tefteller won’t reveal what his maximum bid was, but suffice to say, it was enough to edge past the highest bidder and get him the record.

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