NAMM 2013: Vince Ray Voodoo-Bucket 300CE

This is an interesting new guitar from Fender: the Vince Ray Voodoo-Bucket 300CE:

You get skulls and skeletons, motorcycles, black cats and serpents, demons and witches, disembodied hands beating bongos from hell, fortunes told and spells cast, stars, flames, headstones and more. In short, you get the mind of Vince Ray himself embodied in a 500-instrument run of guitars that look they jumped straight out of the previews from some drive-in B-movie nightmare.



  1. JP DENCAUSSE says

    I’m searching a Fender Vince Ray Rock & Roll Voodoo T-Bucket Acoustic-Electric Guitar.
    Please have you this guitar in stock or could you help me to find one ?

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