Wampler Pedals Factory Tour

Jon over at Guitar Noize recently linked to this video of a tour of the Wampler Pedals factory. It’s interesting to see the combination of machinery and hand wiring that goes into their pedals.


  1. Ed Pauley says

    Thanks for posting this video, Josh. It’s always interesting to see how gear is produced.

    Today, I was surprised to learn Mesa Boogie is introducing four overdrive pedals. There are a lot of details on their website.

    I’m very interested in the “new and smaller” Plexitone pedal the Carl Martin Company is preparing to release

    …more often than not, I’m disappointed after a long wait.

  2. Josh says

    Yeah, I heard about the Mesa pedals. I think they’ve released some videos for them, too. I don’t know much about the Plexitone pedal.

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