Black Country Communion To Release Afterglow on October 30

Black Country Communion are set to release their third album, Afterglow, on October 30. Here’s what vocalist and bassist Glenn Hughes says about the new release:

In terms of content, Afterglow expands upon the progression that took place between ‘BCC’ and ‘BCC2’. “It’s a deeper album, musically, than our first two albums, but it does not step away from the genre we’re in,” said Hughes, who wrote the bulk of the album’s 11 songs after BCC’s Summer Tour in 2011. “I wanted this album to have more acoustic moments than the previous two. I wanted to hear more of Derek [Sherinian] and I wanted an angelic side to the vocals as well as the more aggressive one, like on the songs ‘Crawl’ and ‘Midnight Sun’. Above all, I wanted more drama.”

Here is a trailer for the new album:


  1. Ed Pauley says

    Unfortunately, Glenn Hughes criticized Joe Bonamassa during an interview and that has created bad feelings between them. It seems Hughes wants greater commitment from Bonamassa with regard to touring. Bonamassa wants to honor his agreements to perform as a solo act. He was obviously surprised by the bass player/singer’s harsh comments. In my opinion this CD, although good, lacks balance without Bonamassa’s soulful vocals. Let’s hope they can get over their issues.

  2. Josh says

    Yeah, Ed. I heard about that, as well as Joe’s reaction to it. I doubt we’ll be seeing much more of Black Country Communion in the future. I’m not really that much of a fan of Hughes’ singing in the first place, so I was really disappointed when I found out that the latest BCC was mostly a Hughes project.

  3. says

    BCC is a great band and Joe is one HELL of a player. For my money his is the best electric guitarist on the secen right now – great tone, unique licks, good taste, and technique to make a metalhead drool. Too bad Hughes said those things, has to be tough for Joe considering he is playing with two classic rock idols.

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