Elderly Instruments: All Things Strings Documentary

Michigan State University’s Bob Albers and a crew of students from MSU’s College of Communication Arts & Sciences have created an hour-long documentary called Elderly Instruments: All Things Strings about Elderly Instruments, a music store based in Lansing, Michigan:

Go behind the scenes with the quirky and knowledgeable staff, into workshops with guest musicians, and into the funky office and mind of Stan Werbin, co-founder and owner of Elderly Instruments. It’s wall to wall music, with guest appearances by Dave Shelton & Jeff Wilmore, Frog and the Beeftones, Honest D and the Steel Reserve, Jen Sygit and Sam Corbin, and more.

I’ve personally purchased several instruments as well as a number of accessories from Elderly and have been pleased each time.  I’ve never actually been to the shop, so it’s interesting to get a glimpse into the store. Note that the documentary is online only for a limited time, so watch while you can.


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