Robben Ford’s Blues Revolution

Robben Ford and TrueFire have recently teamed up to produce their Blues Revolution instructional course:

In this 6-hour, interactive video Blues Revolution course, Robben steps you through his Chicago blues influences, chord and scale vocabulary, rhythm guitar techniques, improvisational approaches and harmonic insight for crafting the fresh, contemporary lines that comprise his signature sound.

The course is divided into six sections:

1. Fundamentals
2. Chicago Blues
3. Chords and Comping
4. Scales and Applications
5. Soloing and Improvisation
6. Performances

I personally really enjoy Robben’s playing, so I’m happy to see him sharing his insights. TrueFire currently have a promotion running where you can save 10% off the course by using the offer code “REVOLUTION10” if you decide to buy.

Here is an intro to the course:


  1. says

    Hey Josh

    Tempted to check out Robben’s new course. Thanks for putting this up. Have seen Robben about 3 or 4 times in Australia. Last time with Mike Landau. Very tasteful player.


    Gary Hodges

  2. Josh says

    I was able to catch Robben in Nashville a few years ago, and I agree that he’s a very tasteful player.

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