Slash Octave Fuzz

As if Slash wasn’t already busy enough, he found time to work with Dunlop to create a signature pedal called the Slash Octave Fuzz. Here’s what he says about the pedal:

There are some octave fuzz tones on records that I love, but the pedals that created them are very unpredictable. They’re hard to use live and even hard to control in the studio. So I talked to the guys at Dunlop and I told them that there should be a pedal that can just nail those sounds reliably. That’s where the Slash Octave Fuzz comes in. I worked with them and we made a fuzz that’s controllable, with a low octave that didn’t warble too much—that took a bit of work—plus a vintage high octave fuzz and the ability to mix the two.

The pedal features:

  • Fuzz tone with a separate sub octave voice & and octave up fuzz
  • Internal gain & tone pots shape the octave up fuzz effect
  • All analog circuitry, true bypass

Here’s a demo video of the pedal:

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Don’t know how much I’d use that but it does sound really good.

September 13th, 2012 at 12:14

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