Kenny Wayne Shepherd “Never Looking Back” Lesson

Kenny Wayne Shepherd recently recorded a few videos for Total Guitar magazine. In one of the videos, Shepherd gave a lesson about how to play the intro and main riff to “Never Looking Back” from his latest album How I Go:


  1. Chad says

    Thanks, as always, Josh, for great posts. The best part of that clip is the up-close look (again) at his sweet ’61 strat. I’ve seen KWS twice on this latest tour and he brings it solidly for 2 hours (complete with his usual killer version of Voodoo Child for the encore).

  2. Josh says

    Glad you enjoyed the link, Chad. It’s been over 10 years since I last saw KWS live. I was really hoping his current tour would have passed through Nashville, but it doesn’t look like that’ll happen this time around. Hopefully soon!

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