Wampler SLOstortion

This past week, Wampler Pedals released a new pedal called the SLOstortion. This pedal is based on the Soldano SLO-100:

But somewhere between the classic distortion tones and the ultra-modern high gain sound, there was an American amplifier that redefined gain. Soldano® amplifiers have been heard on some of the best guitar-god albums, and Brian couldn’t resist the challenge of capturing an authentic SLO-100® inspired tone in a pedal. The amp that was the end of classic distortion and the start of the modern era: a very worthy task for the man who has proved his hand time and again at making famous sounds in reach, under foot.

The SLOstortion has been pain-stakingly designed with a core voicing that emulates the best tones of that famous amp and a powerful, sophisticated, easy to use three-band EQ to make sure you can have “The Tone” through YOUR setup. The SLOstortion’s dirt is switchable between two separate gain pathways to capture as precisely as possible the nuances and flavor of both the normal and high gain modes of the superb SLO-100®. The normal mode will go from a nearly clean to a great crunch, and the high gain mode will punish your speakers in the best way possible!

Check out a demo of the pedal below:


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