PRS Experience 2010 David Grissom Master Class

At last year’s PRS Experience event, David Grissom gave a 45-minute master class to members of the PRS Signature Club. Fortunately, an attendee recorded the event so that those of us that missed it can watch it. At the beginning of the video, he demonstrates how he’s able to get a wide variety of sounds from his signature guitar and a single-channel PRS amp. Then, he begins discussing the types of chords he uses and some of his techniques. Check it out:

(via JP Holesworth)


  1. chris luna says

    This is really a great master class; tasteful and powerful at the same time. Speaking of which, a very good guitarist friend was at guitar center recently and witnessed a guy named Jeff MacPhee play a PRC in front of a small group of shopper’s and salesmen. Apparently MacPhee ripped through about 5 minutes of solo play that not only stunned everyone in the store but is now prompting a massive search for this dude and anything he may have recorded. Do you know him

  2. Josh says

    Chris – No, I don’t know Jeff MacPhee. I did a search for him, but I didn’t see anything relevant pop up. If you find out any information, please let us know.

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