Eric Johnson – On the Path

Eric Johnson is a newly featured artist in the iPad app On the Path, an app that provides lessons in various styles taught by some of the greatest players in world. In addition to Eric Johnson, you can watch lessons taught by ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro, Jackson Browne, Scott Tennant, and blues guitarist Kenny Sultan, among others.

Johnson’s contribution is a 68-minute master class lesson teaching you how to play “Cliffs of Dover.” In the lesson, Johnson provides insight into his techniques, and there are 25 play-along sessions within the lesson. This looks like a unique opportunity to learn the song from Johnson himself. The On the Path app and the lesson (which costs $14.99) are available from the iTunes App Store.

The following video is a promo video for the app. In it, Johnson plays the piece with no bass or drum accompaniment.


  1. Rusty says

    Can not figure out how to purchase lessons from path … Nor can my own students. Tech support is a joke via “path”… Maybe in a few months or so the site will work out its bugs. . Note, i downloaded app, all that… but no links except to one acoustic teacher — Celtic kind of style. None for you or fiddle teacher or jazz teacher, which u and jazz I was looking to access.

    The music path great idea, but tech support is a joke or site is fundamentally flawed

  2. Josh says

    Rusty, I’m sorry to hear that. I assume you’ve emailed them? I’ve only purchased one lesson from them and had no issues with it, but that was a while ago. I’ve been disappointed in the frequency with which they update their lessons, so I can’t say I’d recommend it. It is a great concept, just poorly executed so far, IMHO.

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