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Jon Bloomer, who runs the guitar blog, has recently released an ebook titled Shred Master Exercises and Studies to help guitarists improve their speed and dexterity. The book contains 25 exercises that cover a ton of different techniques, including pull-offs, hammer-ons, sliding, tapping, string skipping, right-hand picking, and legato techniques. The exercises are presented in both standard and tab notation, with suggestions for fingerings and picking.

In addition to the exercises, Jon has created videos for each of the lessons. The videos show the exercises in both slow and normal speed; you can start slowly and work your way up to playing at the speed Jon intended. I’m more of a visual learner, so I find the videos to be the best part of the package. And, the videos are well done and show the exercises in great detail.

Another nice feature of these exercises is the fact that you’re learning licks that are musical. You could use some of these licks in your own music. Not only are you gaining speed and dexterity, you’re learning some interesting licks.

Shred Master Exercises and Studies costs just $12.99 for the book and videos. However, if you don’t need the videos, you can purchase the ebook without the videos for just $8.99.

Below is a sample video from the ebook:


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