Jonny Lang Lesson

Guitar Player magazine recently caught up with Jonny Lang, who is currently touring as part of the Experience Hendrix tour. Lang gave Guitar Player a lesson in some of the techniques he uses, including his vibrato technique and alternating between a pick and using his fingers. See the lesson below:


  1. david hall says

    Hi, im a big fan of jonny’s from england, wish he would tour over here, ive figured out a few parts to his songs (breakin me etc) i love his music & lyrical content – and also i’ve enjoyed each of his album releases and the more i listen the more i get from it. An insirational person as a guitar player & an amazing singer – i just dont get how he’s not more well known in england – i suppose that just because no one likes music at an depth – hope you release more albums cant wait – excellent blues, funk, gospel, pop, soul, rock player – anyway just wanted to say thanks to jonny & all involved in his records!! legend:>

  2. says

    Sweet. I love when the pro’s get online and put up their tips and tricks! The next generation of guitar players will be ungodly with all of the resources out there now!

  3. Big Lou says

    I love the way Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd play the Blues. I was also glad to read that Jonny is a Christian. Love the Tone he gets from that Tele he plays. There are two humbuckers but they don’t have the usual growl like humbuckers do.

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