The Robben Ford Clinic: The Art of Blues Solos DVD

Robben Ford recently released a companion DVD to his Art of Blues Rhythm DVD. The new DVD is called The Art of Blues Solos.

Although I haven’t seen either DVD yet, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Art of Blues Rhythm DVD. I’m also a fan of Ford’s phrasing, so I’m looking forward to watching him explain his soloing technique in the new DVD.

In the DVD, he talks about picking, theory, recording, and his influences. A printable PDF containing tab for the lessons is included with the DVD. There is almost two hours of instructional and live footage included with the DVD.

The DVD includes the following tracks:

  • Introduction
  • Developing Your Style
  • “Playin’ a Bit”
  • Basic Theory
  • “Cannonball Shuffle”
  • Techniques: Picking & Sliding
  • “In the Beginning”
  • Robben’s Early Jazz Influences
  • “Oasis”
  • Altered Scales
  • “Roger’s Blues”
  • Recording
  • Robben’s Equipment


  1. says

    Robben Ford phrases like nobody. I love his Revelation track. That is classic Robben Ford. I can’t help feeling that if he came through Austin Texas instead of LA his name would be ringing out louder among the blues players. His DVD titorials work for me.

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