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Anthony Stauffer, who teaches blues guitar lessons at, has released a new premium lesson series called “Albert’s Influence,” which examines two complete solos in the style of Albert King. I’ve seen a number of video lessons from Anthony, and they are all very good. This series looks to continue that tradition, if not raise the bar.

The “Albert’s Influence” lesson series contains over three hours of lessons. Between the two solos, Anthony illustrates and teaches 73 licks that span 108 bars. In addition to the licks, Anthony teaches timing and phrasing, which is especially important when playing Albert’s style of blues. A nice feature of the videos is a progression bar that follows along on the screen showing you what bar the lick is being played in.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn this style of blues guitar playing, I would recommend this series. You can buy the series as a download ($55) or a set of two DVDs ($65).

Check out a free lesson taken from the series below:


  1. Chad says

    Josh–thanks for posting this about I promise I’m not a paid endorser, but I give Anthony and his website absolute top-billing and a huge thumbs-up. Among the thousands of online cats doing lessons, Anthony, in my humble opinion, nails it every time. He, like you, is a great ambassador for his role within the online guitar universe.

    We are all way better off having guys like you doing your blog and Anthony doing his lessons.

    Thanks for featuring that link because all of his stuff is excellent.

  2. Josh says

    Hey Chad, thanks for the kind words about this site. I agree about Anthony and his lessons; they are some of the best I’ve found on the Internet, and you can tell he takes a great deal of effort to make the best videos he can.

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